A Son’s Right to Speak

Zechariah chapter three is one of my favorite passages in Scripture. The whole book is full of strange things, but the third chapter has some truly powerful and unique imagery.

In this passage we see an interactive vision taking place where the prophet Zechariah gets a glimpse of satan and the Angel of the Lord (most likely Jesus) with the high priest, Joshua (not the one who marched around Jericho) in a beautiful image of grace and redemption.

Satan is accusing Joshua to God, which is what he is doing with each of us as the accuser of the brethren. The amazing thing here, is that satan was right in his accusations. Scripture tells us in the Amplified version that Joshua was wearing nauseatingly vile clothing, which is of course an spiritual view of what we all look like when we are in sin, before Jesus saved us.

In this same verse, verse 4, the Bible tells us that Joshua, although in the same room as satan and the Angel of the Lord, was “standing before the Angel of the Lord.” I love that! Even in his filth, he stood before the presence of God.

Now comes the point of this post. As Joshua is standing before the Angel, the Angel begins to give orders. “Remove the filthy garments from him.” He then says to Joshua, “See, I have caused your wickedness to be taken away from you, and I will clothe and beautify you with rich robes [of forgiveness].”

And then, the most amazing thing happens (verse 5). Zechariah, without being told to do so by the Angel, or anyone else, steps up and gives his own order. “Let them put a clean turban on his head.” What happened next? “So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him with [rich] garments.” And the Angel of the Lord stood by.

Think about that for a moment. Zechariah is a servant of the Most High God, just like you and me, and when God was working powerful things in Joshua who represented a nation, the prophet knew his authority when in the presence of God and decided to work with God. Notice he didn’t take long hours of prayer or thought to give this order, he saw that God was moving and simply decided to step in and move with God. The result, the other angels in this heavenly courtroom obeyed Zechariah without question, and Jesus, the Angel of the Lord, didn’t stop it from happening! It says He stood by, clearing marking an approval of Zechariah working alongside him.

You must understand your position and authority in Jesus. Zechariah lived in the Old Covenant, we in the new. Just as Zechariah had the ability and right to speak and see results, so do you. If you have faith and believe in your heart, anything you ask in Jesus name will be done for you. This is why speaking blessing rather than curses, power rather than weakness, and wisdom rather than foolishness is crucial to our walk with Him.

It is also important to note that Zechariah didn’t think this command, he didn’t wish it in his mind, he made a bold declaration, publicly and out loud. He also didn’t look over at the Angel of the Lord and ask permission. Isn’t that an interesting thought? How did he know the angels would move at his words? Because he was in the presence of God and understood his position. When you get that understanding in your spirit, it will transform your world.

Often times we don’t receive what we pray for because we still don’t see ourselves as sons. Zechariah didn’t ask God about every detail because he realized that as a son he already has permission! Obviously there are many times we need to ask God for direction and wisdom, but many times we continue to ask God for permission and signs to do things that He already gave us the go ahead to do long ago.


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