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Allen grew up in a Christian home with a grandmother who was a missionary in Africa named Martha. She deeply effected his life, reminding him every year when she saw him how one day when he was six years old, she went into his backyard in Plano, Texas where he sat on the branch of an apple tree.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” she asked.

“I’m going to be an evangelist,” Allen replied.

This proved to be from the Lord. He was homeschooled by his mother who included in his curriculum stories of missionaries, Foxes Book of Martyrs, the diary of Jim Elliot, and dozens of other books about great men and women of God throughout history.

At the age of thirteen a team of missionaries from Youth With a Mission came to Allen’s church and did a presentation on missions. The Lord spoke to Allen’s mother to send him with them, so not long after he went to a three week training for teenagers in Tyler, Texas which after took him to Mexico for a ten day mission trip.

Allen’s call was solidified during that time. He bided his time and finished school at the age of sixteen, and then went to Minneapolis, Minnesota with YWAM to go through their training. Scotland followed with more training, then Allen went to Istanbul, Turkey two days after he turned eighteen and served there for two years.

During a conference where David Hogan was speaking Allen was called to Central America and soon embarked for Panama along with a small team to begin a new work among the Ngobe tribe.

In 2013 he started Found Ministries, which was originally called Kingdom Fire Ministries. It was then that Found began its movement toward reaching the unreached, supporting frontline missions, and encouraging local churches. Each of these focuses came from years of full time ministry and experience. A team formed, and now there is well over fifty years of combined experience in both foreign and domestic ministry among us.

Allen maintains his home in Panama, but spends over half of most year either speaking at events or pushing forward into new territories and ministries, as well as training the body of Christ to bring in the greatest harvest in human history.