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Our Mission


We believe in the perfect design and authority of the 66 canonized books of the Holy Scripture. Every word is God breathed and deliberately placed for a specific purpose. There is not one useless word in Scripture. We believe that although we are not subject to the Old Covenant in the Old Testament, we acknowledge the manifold and parabolic nature of the Old Testament, and that God has placed a myriad of currently applicable truths now revealed to His people through the Holy Spirit. We believe the church lives under the New Covenant, and the Law of Love, setting us free from religiosity and a Pharisaical spirit.


We believe that God is three in one. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all equally God, none is less than the other. Although each member of the Trinity have distinct roles, they are entirely inseparable as God.


We believe there is a multitude of spiritual forces fighting either in support of God, or Satan. We believe in a literal Devil who actively works against God and His people, as well as keeping those who are not born again in bondage and blindness.


We believe that man was created without sin, and by his own willful decision man broke relationship with God.


We believe that Jesus died for us when we were still in our sin, undeserving of His mercy. We believe that His death on the cross declared total and complete freedom for all who believe in Him. We believe that there is nothing we can do to earn this salvation, and it is only by His righteousness that we can be saved. On our own even our purest righteousness is as filthy rags before Him.


We believe that the church is not a building but is formed by all those who are filled with the Holy Spirit. We believe that a Christian should not neglect to congregate with other believers in order to encourage one another in the faith, however this can look different in each geographical area and under different circumstances.

We believe that it is the responsibility of the church to advance the Kingdom of God, and to be involved in the needs of this world both physically and spiritually. We do not believe that the church should hide its light from the world, and should actively visit the dark places to illuminate them. We believe that the church will be held responsible before God for their actions in what they do with their light.


We seek to promote sound doctrine, but recognize that division is not God’s preferred alternative to adversity or doctrinal dispute. We choose to extend liberty in all “non-essential” doctrinal matters.