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Colombia is deep at the heart of Found Ministries. In the North, near a town called Valledupar, is a tribe called the Wiwa. The Wiwa have a population of about 13,000 with only about 10 known Christians. They don’t have the Scriptures in their language, and are virtually without help from other missionaries.

The Wiwa have traditionally been closed to outsiders, and they will tell you that missionaries have come to them for over 60 years and have never been successful. This is because they tend to see outsiders as an invasion of their culture and missionaries tend to force their culture on the people they work with. Our goal is not to make the Wiwa into Americans, but for their culture to be redeemed to look like it will in the Kingdom of Heaven.

It takes a lot of patience to work with the Wiwa, and ministry among them is slow moving, but we at Found have been able to make good friends among their tribe and have begun a historic project to record the audio stories of the Bible in their language.

On top of that, we have begun ministering in Valledupar, a city outside the tribal land. Most foreigners are not allowed onto the Wiwa territory, so we take short-term teams to Valledupar for the time being.

In Valledupar we work with the local youth and continue to partner with local ministers and Christians to reach the area for our King.