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Missions Core Course

Feel called to missions? Come receive high quality training from experienced missionaries and ministers that will equip you for the mission field. Found Ministries’ Missions Core Course is designed to train you and send you out, it is also a prerequisite for all Found Ministries full time staff.

If you already know where the Lord is calling you, Found Ministries is a missions platform that highly encourages pioneers and pushing into new areas. Don’t know where your long term call is? Form part of a team for a field project after your school and complete one of our projects.

The field project for our 2020 school is to complete our Audio Bible project among the Wiwa tribe in Colombia. Found Ministries are the only missionaries working among this unreached tribe. They have almost no Scripture in their language, and only a handful of Christians. We have laid the groundwork for a team to establish a base in the area where there are multiple tribes, and complete our project of recording the primary Bible stories for the first time in the Wiwa language. We are looking for team leaders, as well as support staff to lead this project. 

The Missions Core Course is a roughly six month school, consisting of a three-month lecture phase, followed by three months of practical missions work in the nation of Panama. 

Classroom Phase:

Class times are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm with additional online materials, weekly one on one times, and more.

The classroom phase consists of twelve to thirteen weeks of lecture and training from experienced missionaries and ministers. Every four week block has a general focus, and each week within the block has a target subject. The following outlines the targets and phases for the lecture phase. 

Phase 1 (First four weeks)

General Focus: Identity

Topic Include: 

Who You Are in Christ

The New Covenant

Renewing Your Mind

The Father Heart of God

Prayer and Intercession

Gifts, Callings, Destiny

The Holy Spirit


Phase 2 (Second Four Weeks)

General Focus: The Great Commission

Topics Include: 

Missions Overview

Surrendering Your Rights 

Cultural Acquisition 

Spiritual Warfare

Language Aquisition

Cultural Mapping


Unreached People Groups


Phase 3 (Last Four Weeks)

General Focus: Leadership

Topics Include: 

Personalities and Working as a Team

Public Speaking 

Conflict Resolution

Developing a Culture within a Ministry

Pioneering a Ministry (Starting from nothing into a functioning ministry)

Spiritual Leadership

Ministry Finances



Casting and Maintaining the Vision


Outreach Phase

The outreach phase consists of twelve to thirteen weeks of ministry practice. Outreaches are a hands-on practical experience where students utilize what they have learned during the classroom phase of the school. Outreaches are always changing, as is the case on the mission field, and each one is different. 

Our 2020 outreach will consist of three months in the nation of Panama, primarily in the Chiriqui region. In this outreach students will assist in leading short term mission trip teams from U.S. based churches, work with the Ngobe tribe, participate in children’s ministries,  and take part in a variety of other ministry opportunities. 

A local outreach in the DuBois, PA area is also available for students with a call to local missions.



The Missions Core Course is extremely affordable at only $500 for local students, and $900 for out of State students. This covers the entire three month classroom phase of the school, books, teachers, and housing at a host home. It does not cover food or transportation (however coordinating transportation to classes if needed is possible.)



If you have any questions, feel free to write us at: mcc@foundministries.org, or call 214-592-5975


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