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Mission Trips


Our ministry works primarily in the North-Eastern part of Colombia, called Valledupar, among the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the area lives the Wiwa tribe, an unreached people group with a population of 13,000, and only ten known Christians.
They do not have the Bible in their language, although they are in the process of translation at the moment. Found Ministries is currently supporting the work of Bible translation, as well as spearheading a project to record the Bible stories in audio.
Your team will be in the areas of Valledupar and San Diego on the outskirts of the Wiwa lands. At this point we are not able to take teams into the Wiwa villages or territory, however in the areas you work you will be directly supporting the work to the Wiwa in continuing to serve the local people and build relationships in the area.

Estimated Cost*: $2,000


A mission trip in Turkey with us entails visiting Izmir, Ephesus, Cappadocia, and Istanbul. Your team will support ministries where Paul walked, Timothy was pastor, and an entire five story underground city was built by Christians to escape persecution; all of which you will be able to explore.
In these location our partners work among refugees, giving out food and clothing, as well as in the local slums among the gypsies.
This nation is 98% Islamic, and yet has a large European influence, making it an excellent location for outreaches. On top of working alongside the ministers there, your team will visit several ancient ruins and sites filled with church history. Also, your team will have the option to do a three day tour of the seven churches of the book of Revelation, all of which are located in Turkey.



Coming to work with us in Panama means an outreach among the Ngobe tribe. They are the largest tribe in Central America south of Mexico at a population of 250,000. They are currently only 8% reached. They are also the poorest tribe in Panama.
These trips are in rural, often forgotten areas. Decades ago there was a huge push for missions to the Ngobe tribe, but after a few years when they reached 2% reached, most organizations pulled out, leaving behind a largely undiscipled church. Today all throughout the tribal land you can still find abandoned churches the missionaries built before leaving.
Many of the believers fell away, others turned into strange versions of Christianity, while those who remain are in desperate need of discipleship and training.
If your team comes to Panama they will be working a lot with children, in schools, in hard to reach locations, and among very poor people.

Estimated Cost: $1,850

Trips for smaller teams and leaders are available to other locations, including Thailand, Nepal, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. If you would like to be part of one of these teams, write us.

For more information, write us at: info@foundministries.org, or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

*Costs may vary due to changes in airfare from state to state and season.

**Costs are based on a seven day outreach, with two/three days built in for travel depending on the distance of the outreach. Total, this makes 9-10 day outreaches.