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Panama is the location we have worked the longest, over a decade now. In this nation there are seven tribes, including the Ngobe which is the largest tribe in Central America, South of Mexico. They are only about 8% reached at this point.

Aside from working among the Ngobe we also minister in a local children’s hospital bringing baby supplies for new mothers, mostly Ngobe mothers.

In the Ngobe culture they have a great shame of speaking of where babies come from or how they are made, so until they get pregnant most Ngobe believe babies simply wander out of the mountains. As a result, they know almost nothing of how to care for their children and many die as a result.

We go into the hospitals and bring supplies, clothes, blankets, etc… and instruct these new mothers in basic newborn care, as well as pray for them and their families.

We also work with Ngobe churches in different parts of the mountains, supporting them and bringing short-term teams to them when teams want a more challenging experience.

Panama is a hub for a lot of our ministry and much of what we have done has been born here. We partner with multiple ministries in the area and provide support where needed.