Return From Thailand

Our outreach to Thailand was absolutely amazing. We serve such an awesome and powerful God. 

One of the things we have learned in all of our travels is that it doesn’t matter where you go on this Earth, God has people at work for His Kingdom. Most of them you will never hear of until we are in the Kingdom after this earth is done away with, but I assure you they are there.

Take for example our friend and ministry partner, Pat. He is pictured above on the left during a worship time at his church, The Upper Room in Chang Mai, Thailand. Pat lived a hard life, a criminal life, until he got saved. His life is something you would read about in a book, not that he is writing any books about himself right now. 

After getting saved he sold everything he had, left a comfortable setup in the States to return to his homeland of Thailand with his family. He took the money and bought a farm with everything he had. Since then he has developed that farm into a self sustainable oasis for youth who have been living lives of crime and are addicted to drugs.

These criminals and former criminals come to him completely hooked on hard drugs like heroin, and he puts them to work on the farm and does Bible studies with them every single night. That is their rehab program.

They live on the farm with Pat and his wife and two daughters, and God is Pat’s only protection. Some of these youth were serial killers and violent drug dealers, yet they spend every day in Pat’s home receiving the love of Jesus and forgiveness.

The change in their lives is absolutely dramatic and amazing.

We have partnered with Pat and Beautiful Feet, his ministry, to help pull these youth out of the darkness. Pat is now pushing beyond just rehabilitation to training these kids and sending them to trade schools so they can get their lives back on track beyond the drug life. He has built a coffee shop on the Beautiful Feet farm where several youth have been trained as baristas and now have steady jobs in the city.

Sending them to trade school for a variety of skills is harder because it costs more money, about $800 a year per student. The youth work hard to make what they can, but they need scholarships and sponsors to make up for the lack.

Once, Elijah was hiding in a cave complaining to God that he was the only man of God left on the planet. God corrected him, saying there were thousands who had not bowed to the false god, baal. Often times we feel alone, like nobody is with us, that we are that last man standing, but the truth is there are people like Pat all over the world who have not bowed the knee, and adore Jesus. You may not ever get to meet them, but don’t allow the enemy to deceive you into believing you are alone.

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