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There is no place in the world quite like Thailand. It’s population of 67 million is 95% Buddhist. It is also the only nation in Eastern Asia that has never been conquered by an invading force, meaning it has strongly maintained it’s ancient culture.

Throughout Thailand are 8 tribes that are largely unreached, and have very few missionaries going to them. Our goal is to send Holy Spirit presence carriers to this Buddhist nation for them to encounter true peace, which can only be found in Jesus.

Aside from our endeavor to send out more missionaries, we have partnered with a local ministry called Beautiful Feet. This ministry is a self-sustainable farm that brings in young criminals who either will go to jail if they don’t pass the program, or are leaving jail and the farm becomes a halfway house as they get back on their feet.

Many of the boys have committed serious crimes, including serial murder. They go through an intense rehab and discipleship program that totally changes their lives.

In our partnership with them we send short-term teams and volunteers, as well as help provide scholarships for the boys to go to trade school so they can find jobs after they graduate the program.